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African Business Automation – By Martina Martins
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Are you an African Business Owner and Entrepreneur?

…looking for opportunities to grow and scale your business online if yes then read on.

Discover the SECRET Strategies that many African Business Owners have been missing out on online!

Learn How to Automate Your Business and Make money while you sleep

According to research, less than 1% of African business owners actually have one or two forms of automation in place for their business online. This unique strategy will help you 10x your Business and make it BIG on the internet as an African Business Owner. 

Learn How to Eliminate All Manual Works and have a system that works for you

Say goodbye to manual sending of emails and sleepless nights of doing follow ups on your prospects while maintaining existing clients at the same time.  Let the system help you do the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, the strategy work.  

Increase Leads and generate Conversions all without having to do the heavy lifting yourself

With this strategy you are about to learn, you will no longer have to worry about getting more leads and generating sales. You will learn how to have an automated system in place that’s designed to optimize and consistently scale up conversions plus bring valuable leads. 


These unique strategies — have proven to work for many African business owners.

Are you READY TO do WHAT IT TAKES TO scale your business today?  


How to build a sales funnel that generates 6 figure income online for your business even while you sleep. Plus everything you will be needing to achieve this and much more.  

How to scale your business online in such a way that allows for you to accept multiple currencies, automate email processes, acquire new leads and  drive conversions steadily all on auto-fly. 

How to have a system in place that onboards new consumers and at the same time maintain already existing ones without you having to lift a finger. 

..Remember, no business can thrive successfully online without having a solid and proven system in place.

If you are really interested in making it big online as a business owner, then it’s time to start learning and putting in place result driven strategies that actually works. 

Believe me when I say this, it’s possible to run your business online, whether it’s ecommerce site, real estate company, coaching platform or whatever form of service or product you offer, without having to lift a finger. And in case you are wondering how this is possible, then read on… 

Here’s the catch


An Automated Sales Platform #1

It’s time to do away with manually running your business online. Most African business owners who run their business online do everything manually. It’s time to automate simply. 

Increase in sales and Conversions #2

Get prospects to convert into paying customers in the blink of an eye — this is possible when you have an intelligent marketing system in place that handles you conversions smartly. 


Because you now have an intelligent sales funnel in place  — you can sleep and let your funnel handle all the necessary task that you ordinarily would have been doing if you didn’t have one in place.

In case you are still wondering how possible it is to have an automated sales funnel that help run your business — then see below.


This is an intelligent automated sales system designed to run your business online for you. 
…Set and forget! And have your money work for you.

Here’s everything that’s included:

“A Dedicated Landing Page for Your Funnel (value $300)

“Business and Sales Automation that Eliminates Manual Work  (value $1000)

Multi-Currency and Online Payment Integration (value $500)

BONUS #1: Sales Copy for Your Funnel (value $250)

BONUS #2: Free Graphics Design for Your Funnel (value $100)

BONUS #3: Facebook Page Optimization (value $150)

Total Value: $1200
Today’s price: just $499


They are in two steps;


Here’s what's included in step One:


Here’s everything that’s included:


A sales funnel is a series of pre-defined steps a customer goes through before buying your product/service. Contrary to the generic way someone buys from you online, where they’d usually visit your website and pay for your product if they are interested, and if they aren’t, they’d just bounce off! Now with a sales funnel, the journey starts by you offering your potential customers a freebie usually in the form of an educative/entertaining  webinar/video usually about the product or services you intend to eventually sell them while collecting their information (email or phone number) at the same time. 

Note it doesn’t just end there read on to know more…

Step #1

Customer Onboarding; 

When a potential customer lands on your funnel normally your landing page, the first thing they would see if a compelling sales copy or educational video in the form of a webinar to enlighten  them about the related product/service you are about to sell them. 


Step #2

Conversion Process 

After a prospect must have landed on your funnel, before they can enroll or become eligible for your free webinar/freebie, they must have been required to enter their name and email, that way the first sequence of action takes place; which involves capturing their details in case they don’t end up opting/paying for your product or service in the first instance.


Completed Conversions and Follows Ups

It is expected that during the course of either watching your webinar or reading your sales copy which is geared towards compelling them into making a buying decision, a handful of your prospects will most likely convert into customers. And for those who don’t, an automated system would have been put in place to convert them in due time. Note that this is just less than 1% of what your potential sales funnel will offer plus the fact that everything will be automated so from the on-boarding, to conversion process and more, all processes, will be strictly automated and personalized for the best user experience. 



(that’s a tongue twister)


Hey! I am Deji

A couple years ago, my copywriting business was thriving, but I was not.

Most days, I felt like I was running in circles: posting social media content, chasing down leads, spamming FB groups in the name of networking, and taking sales calls. And then, after all that: burning the midnight oil just to stay on top of stressful client deadlines.

My goal? To sell more of my VIP Day packages (‘cause those were super fun and easy to deliver) while spending less time actually selling.

On a whim, I launched my first-ever paid workshop. I wanted to rewrite my email nurture sequence, so I invited people to watch me live-write it (and promised to give them templates and tips so they could get their own sequence done in a single afternoon, too).

It sold out in 48 hours, gave me an unexpected $10k payday, and created multiple connections that turned into long-term clients. Win-win-win.

Since then, I’ve sold copywriting workshops ranging from $47 to $2499. And I’ve turned those workshop relationships into client contracts worth as much as $36,000 (no sales calls needed).

For me, those big client deals aren’t even the best part. The best part is that Mini Workshops have given me more freedom inside my business. If there’s a month where I want to take on less client work or juggle fewer projects, I just run a workshop instead.


And i'm Chineye.

In 2019, I exited a multi-7-figure company so that I could move back to Canada and spend more time with my family. And that meant I had to build a new company from scratch.

After years of doing intensive client work and high-ticket sales in past businesses, I knew what I wanted. Leveraged offers, passive income, and lots of freedom and flexibility.

So in March 2020, I launched Click Go Live, a $37 workshop that helps experts get more clients with simple live videos.

Just 7 months later, we’re close to hitting 2000 buyers. (If you’re doing the math, that’s $73,334.)

But here’s where the magic is.

Thanks to a few simple upsells, add-ons, and back-end invitations…we’ve generated much more than $73k. In fact, we recently crossed the $500k mark. Half a million dollars (and counting) in just 7 months.

I’ve launched 3 other workshops (in different verticals) in the same time frame, and we’re seeing similar results.

Because that’s the power of Mini Workshops — they create sales, connections, and client relationships faster than anything I’ve ever done.


Are you a realtor, ecommerce site owner, author, business/relationship coach, digital marketer or content creator looking to sell your product/services to the world? If yes, then come let’s help you setup a custom made funnel for your business. 


Here's what you will get;

“Done for you sales funnel with multi currency feature that allows you to receive money anywhere in the world (value $300)

“State of the art funnel automation tool that’s guaranteed to scale your business (value $1000)

Dedicated cloud hosting and domain name registration for your funnel (value $500)

 Ad campaign across major adverting platforms for your funnel (value $2000)

Free 1 hours business consultation with Martina Martins (value $200)

Ad copy and ad creatives inclusive (value $200)

Total Value: $4200

Today’s price: just $2000


step #1

Contact us to discuss your funnel; get in touch with us to discuss thoroughly, the possibilities of creating a sales funnel for your business.

step #2

Kick start the process; after we must have discussed your potential sales funnel, the next line of action is to chart a way forward regarding building your funnel.

step #3

Content and setting deliverables; once we have reached an agreement, we set specific time lines in terms of deliverables to you regarding the completion of your funnel.

step #4

Meeting deliverables and funnel completion;  once we have meet all the potential deliverables for your funnel, we will do an official hand over of your funnel to you and educate you on how your funnel works.

step #5

Ad campaign and reporting (optional with additional cost); if part of our agreement was to run ad campaigns for your funnel, we will immediately start running highly targeted ads and deliver weekly reports based on conversions.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

It depends on your actual need and what you have in mind. However, your funnel will always make far more than what you paid to build it. 

Well, you leave that to us, since that’s why it’s called a done for you funnel. You pay us and allow us to do what we know how to do best. 

Well, it depends on our agreement, prior to building your funnel. Whatever was agreed upon before building your funnel stands. 

Technically your funnel belongs to you. However, in other for people to able to visit and interact with your funnel, it would have to be hosted online. It’s similar to the way you pay for airtime and internet service providers. 

If we have not been able to answer all of your questions, then write us an email via info@martinamartins.com and we’d be glad to answer you.

So yeah, you guessed it right. This is basically it as regards the African business success machine.

(Get to Know Me)

I am Martina Martins, a Nigerian Born Business Growth and Digital Marketing Strategist based in Paris. I bag over 12 years of experience living and working in different continents, and I have helped over 400 small business owners and entrepreneurs build, grow and scale their businesses. Throughout my career, I have garnered a multitude of skills which includes business development, sales, client engagement and marketing. Digital marketing is my forte.

Martina Martins
🥂 To Your Better Life


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